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Published on December 17, 2021, by D&H Technologies Author

There are many fire protection products that companies should have in their buildings. Commercial fire extinguishers are one important type of fire prevention method. In addition to having commercial fire extinguishers in place, the business owner must ensure these products work at all times.

It can be challenging to tell when you need to replace or service your commercial fire extinguisher. To provide you with some insight, here are reasons why you need commercial fire extinguishers and how to tell if they should be replaced or serviced:

Why You Need Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Commercial fire extinguishers are essential fire protection products to have throughout your building. These fire extinguishers should always be part of your fire safety plan. Plus, most fire inspections have regulations pertaining to commercial fire extinguishers, so if you want to pass your fire inspection, you need these items. Most importantly, commercial fire extinguishers will help you protect your property and the people in it in case of a fire.

Signs Your Fire Extinguishers Need to Be Serviced

In general, commercial fire extinguishers should be replaced if there’s something wrong with them. For example, if your commercial fire extinguishers are damaged or missing parts, you should get new ones. The one sign your commercial fire extinguisher needs service is when it has been used and needs to be recharged. If you’ve ever used a commercial fire extinguisher in your building, you must immediately recharge it, so it’s ready in case there’s a “next time.”

Signs You Need to Replace Commercial Fire Extinguishers

There are distinct signs that it’s time to replace your commercial fire extinguishers. Some of the signs that fire extinguisher replacement is necessary include:
  • The hose is cracked or clogged
  • The extinguisher is losing pressure
  • The handle is broken
  • There is damage to the shell
  • The pin is broken
  • The fire extinguisher fails hydrostatic testing
  • The expiration date has passed
  • You’ve had the extinguisher for more than 12 years

If any of these signs are present, it’s likely time to replace your commercial fire extinguisher.

Risks of Not Having These Items Inspected

Local regulations likely require you to have your commercial fire extinguishers tested periodically. If you don’t have these items inspected, you may not comply with local regulations. Most importantly, should there be a fire, you won’t be able to put the fire out if your commercial fire extinguisher doesn’t work. Therefore, fire extinguisher inspections are vital.

Ensure your commercial fire extinguishers are in good working order. Contact D&H Technologies and get your fire extinguishers inspected.

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